MKS Factory Published New Top Gun Ceramic Replica Watch

MKS Factory Published New Top Gun Ceramic Replica Watch

MKS is among the oldest watch manufacturers in our market that produces high-quality replica watches. To the best of my recollection, MKS began by manufacturing replica IWC watches, even more easily than ZF. If you’re looking to buy a high-quality replica IWC watch, I would only recommend ZF and MKS factories. The price of IWC replicas from MKS is significantly lower than those from ZF, and MKS occasionally offers special deals. In short, keeping an eye on this factory could lead to pleasant surprises. MKS, as its name suggests, was once a very renowned factory, even more popular than ZF. This is because it made the best replicas of IWC’s Mark series, which were highly sought after, giving MKS a stellar reputation in the past. Nowadays, more people tend to purchase products from Noob and IWC replicas from ZF, which has caused MKS’s popularity to wane, which is understandable. However, for simpler models from the IWC Pilots collection, you won’t regret purchasing from MKS.

Today, I want to introduce a new IWC watch from MKS factory, the Top Gun, made with black ceramic. At first glance, the watch appears very stylish, with its black ceramic case, strong lume, and black nylon band. These elements make it a great choice for those seeking a military-style watch. However, despite its military aesthetics, it is intended for casual wear and is not designed for actual military use.

The ceramic case has a diameter of 41mm and a thickness of 11mm. The matte finish on the case is refined, providing a realistic feel when touched. The bezel, crown, and case back are all screwed together, mirroring the construction of the genuine watch, especially the internal structure between the case back and the middle case. To ensure good water resistance, the factory has ensured that the bezel and case back can be perfectly screwed into the middle case.

The dial is acceptable, featuring a classic Pilot’s dial style with high readability due to the white markers on a black background. There isn’t much to criticize about the dial; it is satisfactory but somewhat uninspiring due to its common design. The watch uses a Miyota 9015 movement, which is very reliable and has a low repair rate, a key advantage of the Miyota movement. The band is black nylon, but it’s not entirely made of nylon, as the other side is leather. Personally, I don’t favor this band design and wish IWC had provided two bands for this watch: one black leather strap and one nylon band. I feel the nylon exterior doesn’t complement the ceramic watch very well.

Check out the photos below; the new Spitfire looks better with its brown leather strap, which I prefer over the Top Gun.

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