M+ Factory Replica IWC Spitfire IW329701 Titanium Watch

M+ Factory Replica IWC Spitfire IW329701 Titanium Watch

It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen new replica watches from IWC. The spotlight has been on Submariner, Datejust, Daytona, and Audemars Piguet in recent months. While I used to admire IWC greatly and considered owning a Portuguese Chrono as a must-have dream watch, financial constraints persist, and my perception of IWC’s aesthetic appeal has waned. Even though the Portuguese Chrono remains one of the most elegant watches to complement a business suit, I find myself drawn to the plethora of homage watches emerging from China and elsewhere. These timepieces boast impressive craftsmanship and quality, garnering widespread popularity. With so many options available, building a watch collection has become a daunting task, necessitating extensive research on the internet and watch forums to avoid squandering funds.

Turning our attention to the Spitfire, the latest 1:1 super clone IWC watch on the market, crafted by M+ Factory, it’s worth noting that M+ isn’t as renowned as other manufacturers like ZF and V7F, primarily focusing on replicating IWC Mark series watches. The new Spitfire replica boasts a solid Titanium construction, featuring a 43mm diameter case measuring 14.4mm in thickness. The sand-finished Titanium case exudes a luxurious feel, with fine sand finish adorning the case, bezel, lugs, and crown. The case back is solid, adorned with an airplane motif at the center, while the prominent crown showcases a delicate relief of the IWC logo. While the case mirrors the design of the authentic IWC Big Pilot, its slightly thicker profile accommodates the modified Chinese movement, replicating the genuine IWC Calibre.

Although ZF typically produces the best movements for IWC Big Pilot replica watches, those seeking a replica IWC with a genuine Swiss movement may opt for a Mark series watch from V7, equipped with a real Swiss ETA. The blue dial, protected by a sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, ensures clear readability even under sunlight.

Despite its appearance, the dial is actually black, with lume material applied to the hour markers, hour hand, and minute hand. Unlike some homage watches that overly illuminate the dial, the lume on this model strikes a balanced tone. The band faithfully replicates the genuine counterpart, but customization options are available for those seeking alternative styles. Many stores offer leather band customization at a reasonable cost, allowing for a personalized touch.

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