M+ Factory Copy IWC Pilot IW326905 Black Aces

M+ Factory Copy IWC Pilot IW326905 Black Aces

This model is not a recent release; M+ Factory unveiled it several months ago. Initially, I refrained from providing details about the watch as I perceived it to be akin to a toy. However, after learning about the true significance of the black aces just a few minutes ago, I have opted to present a brief review of the Best 1:1 replica watches. Many individuals in China have already acquired this watch.

Initially, let’s delve into M+ Factory, also known as M+F. This factory specializes in manufacturing replica watches of IWC, featuring numerous models not produced by ZF or V7. The quality of their replicas is generally well-received by a majority of individuals. In comparison to ZF, M+F also offers a price advantage. While there is limited information available about M+F, it is noteworthy that they actively engage in replicating new models released by IWC.

The replica features a black ceramic construction with a matte finish. The case measures 41mm in diameter and 12mm in thickness. It is reported that both the crown and case back are crafted from Titanium, with a prominent airplane engraving on the solid case back. The ceramic case exhibits high resistance to scratches, although it is advised to avoid collisions with hard objects.

The focal point of the replica lies in its dial, particularly noteworthy for its fully applied lume on the white surface. In low-light conditions, the entire dial emanates a robust green lume glow. The black aces logo positioned at 6 o’clock embodies the essence of the replica watch, symbolizing the ACE pilots. This timepiece is undoubtedly a special edition crafted exclusively for the ACE. Upon closer inspection of the hour markers, their meticulous finishing is evident, with special attention given to the three-dimensional triangle hour marker at 12 o’clock. The evenly applied black coating on the remaining hour markers adds to the overall aesthetic appeal.

The strap features a combination of nylon on the outer side and leather on the part that comes into contact with the skin. Utilizing a quick removal system, changing the band is effortless for the wearer. Additionally, the factory provides an extra pair of black rubber straps. Powering the replica watch is a Miyota 9039 movement known for its stability. While some individuals have expressed concerns about the significant noise produced by Miyota movements like the 9015 in the Nautilus, I did not observe substantial noise from this Miyota 9039. It is possible that M+ Factory implemented noise reduction processing on the movement before shipping.

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