M+ Factory 1:1 Fake IWC Spitfire IW329701 Titanium Watch

M+ Factory 1:1 Fake IWC Spitfire IW329701 Titanium Watch

It’s been a while since new replica watches from IWC have surfaced. The market has been flooded with Submariner, Datejust, Daytona, and Audemars Piguet models in recent months. While I used to admire IWC and considered the Portuguese Chrono a dream watch, my current financial situation doesn’t permit its purchase. Interestingly, my perception of IWC’s beauty has waned, despite the Portuguese Chrono being renowned for its elegance, especially when paired with a business suit. Lately, I’ve noticed an influx of homage watches from China and other countries, showcasing impressive designs and quality. With numerous options available and many high-quality homage watches offered at affordable prices, building a watch collection has become a challenging task. Thorough research on the internet and watch forums is crucial to avoid wasting money.

Turning our attention to the Spitfire, it’s the latest replica IWC watch in the market, crafted by M+ Factory, which isn’t widely recognized. M+ has focused on producing replicas IWC Mark series watches, known for their good quality. However, few enthusiasts opt for IWC watches from M+, unless their desired models are unavailable from other reputable manufacturers like ZF and V7F.

The new IWC Spitfire replica features a solid Titanium case with a diameter of 43mm and a thickness of 14.4mm. The sand-finish on the case, bezel, lugs, and crown provides a pleasing tactile experience. The case back is solid, adorned with an airplane in the center, and the oversized crown features a delicate relief of the IWC logo. Resembling the shape of the real IWC Big Pilot, the case is slightly thick due to the movement, cloned from the genuine IWC Calibre but modified based on a Chinese movement. For those seeking a replica IWC with a Swiss movement, V7 offers Mark series watches equipped with genuine Swiss ETA movements.

The blue dial, protected by a sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, can be deceiving, appearing black. Luminescent material is applied to the hour markers and hands, giving them a slightly yellowish hue. Unlike some Chinese-made homage watches of the IWC Big Pilot, the minute markers in white aren’t coated with luminescent material, preventing an overly strong luminescent effect. The hour markers inside the circle have a lighter color, maintaining dial readability despite numerous digital numbers. The band replicates the genuine design, but customization options are available if a different band type is preferred, and some stores can customize leather bands at a reasonable cost.

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