BBR Factory 1:1 Replica IWC Big Pilot Constant-Force Tourbillon Watch

BBR Factory 1:1 Replica IWC Big Pilot Constant-Force Tourbillon Watch

The BBR factory is renowned for producing high-quality tourbillon replica watches.

Among the top-selling replica watches in recent years, the Big Pilot stands out as the most popular IWC replica. Many readers who share an interest in the finest replica IWC Big Pilot watches have inquired about the price of the ZF-made IWC Big Pilot, particularly the edition with the blue dial known as the Big Pilot Le Petit Prince. Today, I’d like to introduce a new iteration of the Big Pilot watch. Unlike the standard model, this variant incorporates several complications such as a tourbillon, power reserve indicator, and moon phase. The addition of these features gives the watch a distinctive appearance and showcases advanced watch-making technologies. Despite these enhancements, the watch retains its characteristic large case design.

The substantial case dimensions remain unchanged, measuring 46mm in diameter and 13.5mm in thickness. Despite the inclusion of extra functions in this timepiece, such as the manual winding tourbillon movement, the case thickness does not increase. Notably, the watch now boasts a transparent sapphire crystal case back, a departure from the standard model’s back featuring the Le Petit Prince figure.

The dial is adorned in a striking blue hue, featuring prominent numeral hour markers and a large triangle marker, a characteristic shared with other Big Pilot watches. The hour markers, along with the hour and minute hands, are coated with luminous white material, emitting a vibrant green glow in low-light conditions. Noteworthy are three significant distinctions: firstly, a sizable window at 9 o’clock unveils a functioning tourbillon, a genuine tourbillon device with a cross support fixed on the dial’s two ends. A blue small hand gracefully moves across the window in harmony with the tourbillon’s rhythm. Additionally, an arched bridge positioned between 4 and 5 serves as a power reserve indicator, showcasing a genuine capacity of up to 95 hours. During testing, the red tip of the small hand, indicating power reserve, settled slightly beyond the 30-hour mark after a full winding. While the power reserve hours are sufficient for most individuals, the indicator’s authenticity is affirmed. Lastly, positioned between 12 o’clock and 2 o’clock is a moon phase display, serving as a symbolic day and night indicator rather than a true moon phase. The captivating blue color adds to the overall allure of the watch.

The movement showcased through the transparent case back bears all the essential engravings found on the authentic IWC watch movement. While I certainly wish that ZF will consider producing this tourbillon timepiece in the future, given their commendable expertise in replicating movements, it’s important to note that upon its release, the replica IWC Watch is not expected to exceed a thousand US Dollars. However, it’s worth emphasizing that the enjoyment of such a watch lies in appreciating its craftsmanship rather than its authenticity.

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