IWC Aquatimer Automatic Replica Review

IWC Aquatimer Automatic Replica Watches
The IWC Aquatimer IW323101 from the swiss made replica IWC collection is perfect for the gentleman who leads a sporty lifestyle.  Obviously the name – “Aquatimer” gives away the true purpose of this watch, this being a time piece suitable for swimming amongst many other sporting activities.  Obviously the vast majority of wearers will use the watch for other purposes including solely for its style, and design and there is nothing wrong with that, but it is always worth remembering the true function for which each watch is designed for.

Due to the fact that this watch is designed for use in water though you do get a variety of additional benefits which are not typically included in other watches in this price range.  For example, most luxury watches give the user as standard a 90 metre waterproof resistance, however with the Aquatimer you receive a 120 resistance level along with a pressure resistance system to ensure that the watch remains functioning even when a diver quickly ascends or descends.

Moving away from discussion of the underwater functionality of this watch, what attracts me most to this particular time piece is the strap which it comes equipped with.  This might sound strange at first, but regular watch wearers will all recognise the importance of owning a watch with a comfortable strap as many watches lack this rather essential feature.  The IWC Aquatimer excels in this area and the flexibility of the strap, combined with the material it is composed of really needs to be experienced before you can appreciate what I am discussing here.  The dial itself also represents quite a dramatic change when compared with other luxury watches.  In addition to this, and unlike other watches which feature numerous dials, gauges and LCD displays the Aquatimer’s dial is completely devoid of additional features except for a simple date mechanism and, which in reality is the only additional function most watch wearers actually both want and need.  As such, for all of the reasons above you will not regret investing in this IWC replica watch.

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