IWC Replica Photo And Video Review – Portuguese Yacht Club

IWC Replica Photo And Video Review – Portuguese Yacht Club

It’s been such a long while since the last time I reviewed an IWC replica here on my blog. Like half a year or so if I’m not mistaken. What can I say, the people at IWC really need to come up with something new and exciting because from what I’ve seen, people are not that interested lately in these watches. Hopefully, this IWC replica review will change their minds, there will be a few photos and a video. I hope you guys like this format just as much as I do, I think everyone interested in a certain watch gets a much, much better idea about the watch than just looking at some photos or just at a video.

IWC Replica – Portuguese Yacht Club Chronograph – General Outlook

At one point, the International Watch Company was well known for their pilot and diving watches, but one thing had been kind of left out – the nautical aspect. That’s where the Portuguese collection came, filling in the gap in an awesome way. As the company evolved towards the idea of luxury, so did their timepieces and the people wearing them became more and more reluctant to exposing their wristwatch to even the smallest splash of water or the possibility of it getting all scratched up.

This IWC replica (the Portuguese Yacht Club Chronograph) is a sportier version of the IWC Portuguese replica, which is ultimately a very elegant timepiece.

Replica IWC Portuguese Yacht Club

Fake IWC Portuguese Yacht Club Chronograph

The Yacht Club may not be the most elegant watch out there, but it surely looks nice and crisp, with a very casual, sporty feel to it. I went for the all black model, I think this adds a bit of mystery to it.

The black dial is nicely cloned, along with all its elements and I love the red hand and markings which give off a really cool contrast to the whole look.

Fake IWC Portuguese Yacht Club Chronograph Side Shot

Replica IWC Portuguese Yacht Club Side And Crown View

Really nice polished stainless steel case, pushers and crown and a comfortable black rubber strap add to the whole nautical idea. I’m not the biggest fan of rubber bracelets, but I have to admit that they’re possibly the most comfortable out there.

Proportions are good, weight as well, so I’d definitely call this one of the A1 replicas in my collections. One thing though, the original model comes with a sapphire crystal see-through back case, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Overall, this is a great fake IWC watch, clean looking, nicely cloned and looks legit, no worries there.

IWC Replica Movement

Alright, why does this fake IWC Portuguese has a solid back case, as opposed to the original model, which has a see-thru sapphire crystal one? Simple. It’s powered by a Japanese quartz movement, which keeps perfect time, as you’d expect from one of these babies. This doesn’t bother me at all, considering that I probably won’t wear it every day, so I needn’t worry about the power reserve going bust and having to set the time again. Not that it’s hard, but still, I would prefer not to. Plus, some automatic movements don’t have a working chronograph function.

Replica IWC Portuguese Yacht Club Stainless Steel Case Back

Fake IWC Yacht Club Chronograph Back Case View

However, this means that you won’t have that sweeping motion in the seconds hand. The red chronograph hand does have an almost sweeping motion, but being a little careful wouldn’t hurt. As long as you don’t strut around showing off your fake IWC, you’ll be alright.

IWC Portuguese Yacht Club Replica – The Fold

One of these puppies goes for around 12K as an original, so going for the replica is not a bad idea if you can’t really drop that much cash for an accessory, no matter how good looking it is. The replica also comes in more color versions than the original, so my advice is to do a quick search before buying it if you don’t want to be called out wearing a fake. However, if you like a certain color, go for it, why not, you don’t get a chance to see one of these babies too often. I haven’t seen too many classic Portuguisers either, so don’t stress on this too much.

Overall, it’s a great looking, clean and crisp IWC replica and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.

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