V6 factory new Aquatimer bronze watch

V6 factory new Aquatimer bronze watch

Introducing another addition to V6 factory‘s lineup, amidst a flurry of recent releases in the market. These latest offerings span renowned brands such as Rolex, IWC, Panerai, Audemars Piguet, and more. Excitingly, in the upcoming days, AR factory plans to unveil an upgraded version of the vintage 16610 black and green Submariner. Notably, this vintage Submariner will be crafted with 904L stainless steel, marking a significant development.

In the spotlight today is the IWC Aquatimer replica watch, recently revealed by V6 factory. This particular timepiece is a special edition paying homage to Charles Darwin, featuring a robust construction in solid bronze. To date, only a handful of IWC replica watches in the market boast a bronze material, making this release a noteworthy addition. Perhaps it’s worth considering a dedicated discussion on the best-selling bronze watches in the market.

The watch features a sizable round case, measuring 44mm in diameter, excluding the crown and chronograph buttons. With a thickness of 17mm, it may be deemed too thick by some, a characteristic not favored by all. However, for those who appreciate a robust design, this watch holds a distinct appeal. The bronze case imparts a lively character to the timepiece, complemented by the black rubber band.

The aging and slightly weathered appearance of the bronze case is intentional and common in all bronze watches with a brushed finish; a similar effect can be observed in the Panerai PAM 382. The case back is solid, adorned with an engraved “Expedition Charles Darwin” graphic, executed in silver stainless steel, not bronze.

The black dial of the watch ensures excellent readability, even in low-light conditions, thanks to the application of luminous material on the hour markers and hands. The lume light emitted is both strong and long-lasting. The black dial creates a striking contrast with the bronze-colored case. Delicately crafted, the two small dials feature fine circles and possess genuine functions akin to those of a real watch.

It’s worth noting that not every dial may be flawless, especially when it comes to the alignment of hour markers. Exercise caution when inspecting the watch, ensuring that the hour markers and those on the outer bezel are perfectly aligned. It’s advisable to communicate these details to your watch dealer so that they can take note during the inspection process. Achieving absolute perfection in replicas may be challenging, and some flaws may go unnoticed during the selection process for your customers.

Concealed beneath the solid case back is an Asia Valjoux 7750 movement, featuring an adorned automatic rotor engraved with the brand’s insignia. Based on the experiences of my customers, those who have purchased replica watches with the Asia 7750 chronograph movement have encountered fewer issues compared to watches equipped with A2824 or A2836 movements.

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