Replica Watches Review: They Are Hard To Find For A Mediocre IWC Replica Watches Site!

Replica Watches Review: They Are Hard To Find For A Mediocre IWC Replica Watches Site!

I’ve heard a lot of stories about this site and almost all of them start with “Biao.org.uk Replica is a great site, you should try it!” After a lot of searches, I finally found it; their site is v.yupoo.com/photos/mrwatch. I decided to purchase a replica IWC and I wasn’t surprised with the quality or the services.

Quality: Are These Watches Any Good?

The replica IWC works but it came pretty damaged. The leather strap broke and the sapphire glass wasn’t even in the box. Out of all the defects a replica IWC can have, mine has the worst one. I can’t imagine why these guys are called trusted dealers.

The Site: Usability and Design

It’s not actually a site. It’s a photo album with a few details but that’s all. They have an email address but they are not very prompt in responding. Although their IWC replica watches collection is vast, it’s pretty hard to find the watch you’re looking for.

Service: Is Their Staff Any Good?

It seems that there’s only one guy handling all the orders so you can imagine that he’s not the fastest man alive. His emails are something like this: “Hi, this Big Pilot replica IWC watch is good. There are more details on the site”

Shipping: Is It Fast and Reliable?

I received my watch in 10 days. Not impressed.

Return Policy: Is It Reasonable

Check this out: they don’t have a return policy and to top it off, their payment methods are Western Union or PayPal. I know for sure that I won’t get my money back if I return the watch.

The Bottom Line

I’ll write this off as a $200 lesson learned the hard way. And I’m sure that all their IWC replica watches are the same.

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