V7 Factory Mark XX Green

V7 Factory Mark XX Green

When discussing Pilot’s watches, the IWC Mark series inevitably takes a prominent place due to its classic design. Notably, the Big Pilot from IWC caters to those seeking a larger Pilot’s watch. Fondly recalling my initial experience with automatic watches, my first acquisition was a genuine Seiko, bearing a striking resemblance to the vintage IWC Mark series. My admiration for IWC’s Pilot’s watches prompted this purchase.

In my early foray into this realm, the Mark XVI from MK factory stood out as the initial replica I regarded as a super clone. Over time, the popularity of IWC Mark series replicas has waned, with V7 emerging as the go-to source for such replicas. V7 boasts a comprehensive collection and the distinction of being the first to replicate new Mark series models from IWC. While MK, now known as MKS, continues to produce quality replicas, V7 outpaces them in catalog updates. ZF, a strong contender capable of crafting super clone IWC Mark series watches, could enhance their appeal by offering a genuine movement option, redirecting focus from heavy investment in Submariner replicas, which have lost traction in the market.

V7 recently introduced three variants of the Mark XX, differing in dial color—green, black, and blue. While the black and blue options exude a classic charm reminiscent of the old IWC Mark series, my personal preference leans towards the fresh and modern appearance of the green Mark XX.

The new Mark XX maintains a 40mm diameter akin to the Mark 18 but reduces case thickness by eliminating the soft iron cover, resulting in a 10.83mm thickness. The brushed finish on the case, coupled with a smoothly polished edge mirroring the bezel, contributes to an overall streamlined aesthetic. Notably, the bezel’s height and slope perfectly mimic those of the genuine watch. A protective plastic film covers the case back, featuring a V7 factory sticker and an appealing airplane sculpture at its center. Careful scrutiny may reveal disparities between this sculpture and its genuine counterpart, a detail often overlooked, akin to differences in the S. L. C. logo on some replica Panerai watches.

The green dial’s beauty and meticulous craftsmanship are evident, with enhanced luminescence on both hour markers and hands, though durability remains uncertain. Presently, the meticulous attention to detail on super clone dials mitigates noticeable flaws, yet emphasis on the sculpture finish on case backs should not be overlooked by watch manufacturers.

Two movement options are available for the replica Mark XX. The first utilizes the genuine Swiss SW300, commanding a higher price. Alternatively, a Sea-gull movement closely resembling the Swiss ETA 2892, referred to as the Asian 2892, offers comparable function and stability at a more affordable price point. While the Asian 2892 is robust, the SW300 claims superior accuracy, albeit at a premium.

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