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ZF published new Portuguese watches

I anticipated a prosperous year for all watch factories in 2021, but my expectations were unfounded. The initial quarter of 2021 proved to be a significant setback for all watch manufacturers as they grappled with unprecedented and frequent raids. The latest raid, in particular, endured for an extended period, leading to the closure of numerous factories. Presently, some establishments, like Noob, are still in the process of resuming operations.

Fortunately, there is a glimmer of hope as XF, V6, and VS factories recently announced their imminent return to business. These factories are now open for orders, allowing customers to place their orders, albeit with the understanding that there will be a waiting period before shipments can be dispatched.

Amid the recent raid, only a handful of prominent factories remained open for orders, including ZF, EW, PF, PPF, and others. Among these, ZF stands out as the largest factory. The IWC Portuguese replica watches featured below are crafted by ZF, known for producing the finest replicas of IWC Portuguese timepieces. ZF’s main competitor, YLF, also specializes in Portuguese replicas, but there is a considerable disparity in the quality they deliver.

On this occasion, ZF has unveiled three variants of the new Portuguese model. One showcases a white dial adorned with blue hour markers, another boasts a blue dial, and the third presents a white dial with golden markers. Personally, I am inclined towards the one featuring a blue dial paired with a black leather strap. Despite its simpler appearance compared to the Portuguese 7 Days Power Reserve, the new Portuguese from ZF comes with a significantly lower price tag. For enthusiasts who appreciate IWC watches with a minimalist design, this new offering may be a compelling choice.

It’s needless to emphasize the exceptional case finishing of the new Portuguese – ZF, being a prominent factory, has achieved a remarkable level of quality in this aspect, as evident in the showcased images. Notably, ZF is renowned for producing replicas of the AP 15400, putting them in direct competition with the J12 factory. Given J12’s stringent standards for case finishing, the fact that ZF’s AP 15400 can not only compete but also outsell, underscores the meticulous effort invested by ZF in achieving outstanding case finishing.

The movement is prominently displayed through the crystal case back, featuring a conventional automatic movement. ZF has made specific alterations to the automatic rotor and plates, imparting a semblance to the genuine IWC 82200 Calibre. While it is a custom-made movement, it falls short in comparison to the one found in the Portuguese 7 Days Power Reserve. Despite both originating from ZF, the movement in the latter not only boasts a more aesthetically pleasing design but also closely mirrors the authenticity of the genuine article.

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