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An Innovative Artwork from ZF Factory – Replica IWC Portuguese Chronograph IW390404 with Cal.89361

The IWC Portuguese boasts numerous timeless models, such as the Portuguese 7 Days Power Reserve and Portuguese Chrono. These watches have not only achieved significant popularity in the authentic watch market but have also emerged as the most frequently replicated models within the imitation watch industry. Prominent manufacturers like ZF and YL consistently dedicate efforts to perfecting the replication of the IWC Portuguese 7 Days, aiming for an exact 100% resemblance to the authentic counterpart. Through continuous refinement and the introduction of superior editions, ZF stands out as the preferred choice for those seeking the finest replica IWC Portuguese watch.

ZF recently unveiled a new variant of the IWC Portuguese Chrono replica watch, distinct from its predecessors. Unlike earlier editions, this Portuguese Chrono features only two small dials. In this review, I’ll provide a comprehensive overview of this replica timepiece. The overall aesthetic of the IWC Portuguese exudes elegance, characterized by its complete stainless steel construction, white dial, complemented by blue steel hands and markers. The black leather strap further enhances the watch’s sophistication, collectively maximizing the overall elegance of the timepiece.

Measuring 42mm in diameter, the case undergoes meticulous polishing, ensuring a smooth and refined surface. The round bezel, polished to perfection, seamlessly integrates into the overall design. Examining the case from the side reveals its flawless streamlined shape, with a polished edge and a brushed finish on the case side. The right side features polished chronograph buttons and a crown, creating a striking contrast against the brushed surface of the adjacent case side. The case back is crafted from transparent sapphire crystal, allowing for a close appreciation of the intricate working mechanism within.

The dial showcases an elegant white hue, adorned with blued steel hour markers and hands. Positioned at 6 o’clock, a small second hand operates within a subdial. At 12 o’clock, there are two concentric circles; the inner dial functions as a 12-hour chronograph display, while the outer circle serves as a 60-minute chronograph counter. Notably, the subdials at 6 and 12 o’clock are not flat but rather slightly recessed from the main dial. In a departure from previous Portuguese Chronograph models, this iteration features track-style minute scales, contributing to a subtly different overall dial layout. Despite these changes, the readability of the dial remains uncompromised.

The watch comes with a set of black leather straps crafted from authentic calfskin leather imported from Italy. The surface of the straps features embossed crocodile prints, enhancing the overall texture and providing a high-quality feel. With its superior texture, this leather band is expected to maintain its appeal for at least three years of regular wear. The hand stitching, also in black, seamlessly integrates into the band, contributing to its overall aesthetic cohesion.

The replica is powered by an Asian Valjoux 7750 automatic movement. ZF has undertaken additional embellishments on the automatic rotor and plates to emulate the appearance of the authentic IWC Cal. 89361. A notable advantage is the transparent crystal case back, allowing a clear view of the intricate details. The skeleton rotor adorned with beautiful golden seals, along with the top-level finish on the movement plate and meticulous polishing, adds a touch of elegance. The golden balance wheel incorporates an original shock absorber, and the regulator, used for adjusting inaccuracy, mirrors the functionality of the genuine movement.

Every man should possess a variety of timepieces, and an IWC Portuguese stands out as an essential dress watch. It impeccably complements formal attire, be it a shirt or business suits, making it the perfect choice for any sophisticated occasion. Regarding the factories like Noob, ZF, and BP, please note that they do not operate online websites for the sale of replica watches, so refrain from seeking such information.

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