IWC Replica Watch – Video Review

This watch… Actually this watch is different. Different in a way that it does not match an actual IWC original meaning that is one of those replica watches that is on a league of its own. Is it good or is it bad I don’t even know but what I know is that it looks good and it’s of really good quality, two things that you will not find easily on watches that are not clones of a particular model.IWC

Nice looking wide white dial with almost navy blue numerals, markings and hands – a really good combination. The 6’oclock chronograph works as a small seconds hand. Good IWC logo markings on the dial and signature. These watches are rare and I’m talking about the genuine IWC’s as well as these types of fake IWC. How may IWC’s have you seen lately? That’s right, none or just a few or two or maybe four.

They are pretty expensive with the average IWC starting at 5k so a good looking all stainless steel one will give you a good extra glow. The crown has a very nice design as well and blends in very nice with the overall looks of this watch. Case is thin/classy and also wide housing a Japanese automatic manual winding mechanism viewable through the back case.

The bracelet has a very nice brushed and polished pattern and closes in a hidden clasp completing the stylish looks of this fake watch. The guy has it for a long time and he wears it occasionally but he assured me that it’s all in good shape and running well. We’re good friends so I do believe him and I get to see the watch on his wrist from time to time anyways so I can stare at it and make a visual review. Enjoy the video and let me know your thoughts on this watch.

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