Photo Review – IWC Big Pilot Top Gun Replica Watch

I haven’t gotten the chance to put together a replica watches photo article of a replica IWC in a long time now so I figured I should get one because it’s quite a popular brand and variety is always welcome. Decided on this fake IWC Big Pilot Tog Gun watch mainly because I bought it for a guy’s birthday and he’s always into colored accessories so the better cloned black and white dial would have not worked well for my mission. Gotta love the yellow looks and specially the band stitches that make this one stand out.


This is like the American version of an IWC Big Pilot fake watch. Numbers, markers, hands and brand name are larger than you’d find on the original watch. Yellow makes them look even bigger in my opinion. Scratch-proof crystal looks good and being domed it also offers a good light reflection. Polished stainless steel case looks good and it’s housing a Japanese automatic movement.

Crown is well cloned and sticks nicely to the case. Leather bracelet is hot. Good yellow stitching give it a unique look and the shape is cool too. It’s leather in and out as well so it makes a nice colorful summer watch. It’s a good size watch, I’d say a little bit larger than your average case. Case is not bulky as it’s more thinner so the overall looks of this piece would be sort of eccentric I’d dare to say.

It’s a classic vintage design so to wear it these days you’d have to accessorize a bit more and take on a bit of a vintage image. I’m not gonna say more since that’s exactly the looks of the guy I bought it for so he was thrilled to have it. The quality is here, the movement is reliable and keeps good time and the watch is well put together for what looks like a good life span. I turned it upside down on from all angles and it got my “approving stamp”.

If you’re into the colored Big Pilot IWC replicas than this will be a good pick as long as you don’t mind the dial elements being a little bigger. If you want the more simple and more accurately cloned dial go for the black dials with white markings as usually they will be closer to the originals. Here are some more photos and as always your impressions are more than welcome.DSC01584




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