Sick Sunday Sulking with Replica ICW Watches


Ugh, the Winter season… definitely not my favourite. I have been stuck in bed sick with the flu but thankfully, there is something that comes along with this that I can’t do any other time. Yup, being sick in bed means I get to grab my laptop and admire the latest fashions without any work emails or phone calls… or interruptions at all! So which replica watches have been keeping me entertained throughout this flu?


I was clicking through web pages of replica watches when this specific brand caught my eye. Replica IWC Watches are officially my new love. Well, specifically these three. I want all three of these replica IWC watches. Wheres my Christmas list?

The first one is the IWC replica watches Spitfire Pilot. It is so chiq and elegant with the silver wrist and I love how the face and 32 dials are very fresh and clean. What a perfect replica IWC watch for a casual outfit, or even a business attire, or really any outfit! It is versatile, and getting it as a IWC replica watch will definitely fit into my budget if someone doesn’t end up getting this for me for Christmas.

The second replica IWC watch that I have been admiring over my sick days and that have been added to my Christmas list is the IWC replica watch Pilot’s Double. It’s similiar to the Spitfire Pilot with the fresh and classy look, but I really enjoy the contrast of the black face and white dials. It adds an amazing spark!

Lastly, the IWC replica watch UTC Pilot. I’m usually not a fan of leather bands, but I do thing this is a watch that everyone must have. Perfect for any outing, just like the Spitfire Pilot, yet more casual.

I am still sulking in bed trying to get over this sickness, but at least I have these replica IWC watches to keep me entertained and my eyes happy. Now as long as I get these for Christmas… or for myself afterwards, I will forever be a happy one.

Hey! At least so23mething good came out of getting the flu… like finding these amazing watches!

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