Which Replica Watches Were #1 This Year? Part One


Tomorrow is Christmas, and I already know which replica watch I’m wearing as I shared it with you guys in the last post, but do you know which replica watch to sport for yourself? I decided to give you guys a look at the hottest celebrities wearing the hottest replica watches, from replica Rolex watches to Panerai replica, IWC replica and even Cartier replica watches. Wondering which celebrities are rocking this?


Of course we have seen a million gazillion amazing celebrities wearing tons of replica watches but we need to know which brands were a constant on various (top) celebrities in the year of 2011. It only makes sense that we wear the best of the year, and go out with a bang, right?

I wanted to start with replica Rolex watches because this seems to be the top favourite of celebrities. You see everyone wearing these replica watches from famous athletes, politicians, musicians and movie stars. It definitely is a love of the famous fashionable people.


Usher is the God of music, trends and he’s just a sexy man all together. He was often spotted wearing the replica Rolex watch, Milgauss…. a very sleek, sexy and smooth watch, if you ask me. It fits Usher perfectly! This replica watch is (almost) as sexy as he is… or is it the other way around and Usher is almost as sexy as the watch? You decide!

Other celebrities that were often spotted wearing one specific style of Rolex replica watches were Tom Cruise, Daniel Craig… and well, if you’re a new follower of this blog, you need to rewind to see the rest because there a lot!

Another popular brand of replica watches this year for celebrities was Panerai replica. Sylvester Stallone was often spotted wearing the style Panerai Luminor 1950 Regatta Rattrapante. Try saying that five times fast. Jason Statham was also one of the lovers of replica Panerai watches.

Alright, for Tom Cruise, I’m pretty sure we could have a whole blog specifically about the watches he rocks ever so often. However, this is a new one. It’s not every day that you see him wearing a IWC replica so I thought this was absolutely necessary to add to the top 2011 watches!Angelina_Jolie_cartier-tank-watch

Now this last one is for the ladies, but of course, various male celebrities love Cartier replica watches as well. Angelina Jolie is a total rocket and this Cartier Tank watch looks absolutely stunning on her!

This blog post could go on and on and on because there are so many amazing replica watch brands and so many amazing celebrities that love them! On that note, stay tuned for part two of the top watches in 2011!


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