This Crushed Watch Replica IWC Is Everything That’s Wrong With the Industry

An Unwearable IWC Replica Watch
An Unwearable IWC Replica Watch

In this post I will talk about one of the worst fake watches I have ever ordered so far – a watch replica IWC to be more precise. I found the incriminated Portugieser Yacht Club model on a website with a promising name –

This seems to be a rebranded version of – a website I already ordered from in 2015. But given that the web shop was given a design makeover and the once overly priced models seem to have become more affordable, I thought I’d give them a go again. Last time I received a watch of mediocre quality, but nothing could have prepared me for the watch replica IWC I recently got.

Quality: Are These Watches Any Good?

The short answer is “No, stay as far as you can from these guys. No trace of IWC replica aaa quality here” But I’ll give you the long asnwer, as well. has a pretty broad replica IWC watches collection, so customers have a lot to choose from. I had my eyes on a Portugiser Yacht Club but unfortunately I decided to go with a black rubber strap. Why unfortunately?

Well, as you can see for yourself the rubber used was of so poor quality that the strap arrived fragmented. Sure, maybe an elephant was sitting on my parcel while it was in transit, but that still doesn’t excuse the whole mess.

As you can see I didn’t even unwrap the watch. I can’t really tell you if the movement is ok or if it works well, because I COULDN’T WARE IT EVEN ONCE.

The Site: Usability and Design

The website has been given a refresh and it looks a lot better. The elements are displayed in a clean way and you can browse around quite easily. Nothing too over the top to suggest a big fat scam.

The images are watermarked with – a relic reminding us of the old website. All nice and peachy – most of the images featured on the website seem to show the real products. Not all of them though.

So I was feeling good about my order, especially since my watch replica IWC of choice was priced at only $199.

Service: Is Their Staff Any Good?

You can get in contact by clicking on the blue Help banner located on the right side. Just input your email and question or in my case complaint. It took 1 week for them to respond and to finally agree to take back their crappy replica. The replica industry should be evolving not going downwards!

NOTE TO SELF: Should have messaged the vendor before purchasing any of their replica IWC watches.

Shipping: Is It Fast and Reliable

They advertise free shipping for the US and I didn’t have to pay anything extra. My parcel arrived in about 2 weeks. I signed for it, but I did not check it on the spot, a big mistake.

Return Policy: Is It Reasonable?

They urge you to contact them as soon as possible if you found a defect. I sent them a message the same day but their reply arrived days later implying that I had something to do with the rubber band ending up like it did. I didn’t like that at all, you should accept responsibility. I’m still waiting for a replacement, as we speak.

The Bottom Line

I’m extremely disappointed by the whole affair. I’ve only had luck in the watch replica IWC department as of late. A never-ending bad streak?

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